Thoroughbred & Harness Racing Programs

Acumark Digital has truly revolutionized racing programs, becoming an industry leader through our utilization of modern digital technology.  Allow our team to bring the quality of your Racing Programs up to the level of your Racecourse or Simulcast Center.

The staff at Acumark Digital is made up of professionals in both the design and technical departments of the company, which has satisfied the needs and requests of our clients since 1991. Our vertically-integrated facility is uniquely capable of digitally producing the finest Racing Programs.

Acumark extracts your race input from all the major data providers, selecting only the Thoroughbred and Harness tracks you pick each day.  Acumark efficiently custom produces your unique Racing Programs with the highest quality, failsafe dependability, rapid turnaround, and amazing cost-to-value effectiveness.

The print quality is crisp and clear and completely smudge-proof.  No ink-stained fingers!  The type size is easily readable by your patrons who are often multi-tasking while trying to handicap the races.

Acumark uses first quality, bright white, coated and offset paper stocks, which optimize readability.  Each page size is a full 8 ½” wide and 11” deep.  The program accommodates up to ten off-site race courses, and each race is full-formatted with detailed previous performance history.  Two-page races are always presented on the left and right, eliminating the need to turn pages. 

A high gloss, full color process, personalized front and back cover presents a positive image and provides an advertising platform to your customers, allowing you to cross advertise or earn additional revenue from third party advertising.  Additional players are possible by offering the programs for sale in the gift shop, restaurants, and casino.